The Board of Trustees of Winifred Public School, District #115 hereby resolve to sell or otherwise dispose of personal property of the district as it is or is about to become abandoned, obsolete, undesirable or unsuitable for the purpose of the district. The resolution shall be effective fourteen (14) days after the final publication of this notice. Any taxpayer may appeal the resolution of the trustees within fourteen (14) days of this notice by filing a petition with the Clerk of the District Court and serving a copy of the petition upon the district.

NOTICE OF SALE OF ABANDONED SCHOOL PROPERTY NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That pursuant to a Resolution adopted by the Board of Trustees of School District No. 115, Fergus, County, Montana the District will sell two 24x60 mobile classroom units at $150,000 each. This does not include delivery or set up All items are sold as is and all sales are final. If you have questions please contact Superintendent Chad Fordyce at 406-462-5420 or The trustees reserve the right to reject any and all bids.

  Board of Trustee Winifred Public School District #115 Winifred, MT 59489